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    October Master classes

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    PROGRAM FOR VIDEO (15 min max.)

    TRAVERSO | July 2-8
    -free repertoire, interest in making, experience playing renaissance flute and/or consort playing
    CELLO | July 6-12
    -Italian or French sonata from the 18th century of your choice
    ORGAN | July 8-11
    -free program, early music, 2 pieces from 16th, 17th, 18th century of your choice
    STRING QUARTET & TRIO | October 18,19 & 21
    -two movements from a quartet or trio from the repertoire
    VIOLIN | October 21-25
    -one solo piece by J.S. Bach of your choice + one 17th or 18th century Italian sonata
    CEMBALO | October 21-25
    -one Italian or English piece from the 17th century + one piece of your choice by J.S. Bach
    RECORDER | October 21-25
    -free program
    BASS & VIOLONE | October 21-25
    -J.S. Bach: Sarabande – suite 2 (free key) + an Italian sonata of your choice
    CELLO | October 21-25
    -one solo piece by J.S. Bach of your choice + one 18th century Italian sonata

    Académie de juillet | 2024

    Lundi 8 juillet, 20h, chapelle Saint-Yves, Vannes * Concert « Renaissance Consort Music » pour les flutes traversières 16e & 17e siècle en Italie, […]